Corporate, Residential & Commercial Security Best Practices

In a time where the landscape is littered with big name enforcers such as the Department of Homeland Security, the NSA, and the CIA security has become a common concern with a frequent need. The world of security is no longer just about posting a guard at the door. Technology has changed how criminals act. Theft no longer has to occur in person; thus, the person guarding the door has been bypassed.

Corporate World Security:

Technology is both a tool of prevention and of opportunity. In a world where technology changes rapidly the qualities that set corporation security systems apart are the standards and policies that are created and set into place. This is not something that most corporations can do alone. Many need help from professional within the security field. Who else has their finger on the pulse of how technology is changing and where those changes are leading top level protection.

Focus on:

– Standards that are broad enough to protect each level of your company.
– Mitigating risk by creating standards that remove risk.
– Employ technology that is advanced and scalable.
– Managed Corporate Buildings

In Managed buildings, there is a crisp line where building management systems end and company security control begins. Security in a shared environment must be coordinated. The key for property managers is to find a balance between what each tenant requires. That is not always an easy task. Technology can help to accomplish that goal. Focus on:

Combined Technology. Electronic entry systems that activate climate control for a single room or suite is cost effective and still provides security.
Invest in professional advice from security professionals that can help your company manage costs. Improving your ROI is just one benefit of using a Pro.
The unique needs of each building. Where corporations try to steam line policies across all buildings, building managers need to focus on the unique security needs of each property that they manage.
Residential Property Managers:

Net Operating income is one of the main focuses of residential property managers. That means a concentrated effort to reduce vandalism, property damage, and even litigation. Each of those focus points falls within the realm of building security. Focus on:

Security systems that monitor and control access. Keeping people who do not belong there out and allowing access to those who do is part of that system.
Video, surveillance and live security patrols. A security presence helps to deter vandalism and property damage. Patrols also help to enforce parking laws.
Tenant benefits such as a concierge service, alarm monitoring, and even first responder services for CPR or AED.
Each type of building has a unique type of security need requirements. How managers and leadership approach those security needs directly impacts the results, tenant relationships, and overall profitability. A central core that runs through these three types of buildings is the need for security professionals either as part of the security staff, consultation for technology or to help to mitigate risks and deter litigation. In many instances, all three of these services are needed.

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