5 Tips to Improve Drive-Through Security Patrol

Drive-through security patrols are often chosen as an affordable alternative to full-time, onsite security personnel. While the use of such patrols is certainly preferable over no security at all, it is important to use them correctly to obtain the desired protection.

Taking the Right Steps

If you are relying on drive-through patrols for all or a portion of your security strategy, there are some simple steps you can take to improve their effectiveness. These five tips include:

Ensure the patrols are random and conducted by an officer familiar with the post. As with all security procedures, randomness is essential to maintaining an element of surprise. Patrols that follow a set schedule create a window of vulnerability easily exploited by any serious thief or any individual seeking to compromise your security for any reason. Likewise, any mobile patrols are most effective when conducted by personnel trained for the post. They must have a clear understanding of what to watch for and why they are on duty.

Have clear Post Orders. The only way a certain expectation of security will be met is to clearly define those expectations. If the service is delivered by contract security services, ensure these orders are explicit, written and included in the service agreement or contract. These orders will specify things such as requiring a physical check of locks, what to do when a problem is detected, and whether spotlights are to be used in some low-light areas.

5 Tips to Improve Drive-Through Security Patrol
Establish a clear plan of response. Surprisingly, many security plans fall short in this area. For example, if a lock or entry door is found broken open, is the security vehicle to stay on site until help arrives? The process of notification must be clear and information to be collected clearly specified. The question of whether or not the police are automatically contacted based on specific criteria also helps establish accountability and avoid confusion.

Ensure that daily activity reports are filed, read, and responded to. Security personnel, like many individuals in routine-driven job, generally do what they know is inspected, not simply expected. Have a standard format that is to be followed and require positive confirmation of post orders being followed, such as, “checked rear door and all windows, noted no cars parked outside building, All secure.” Provide feedback so the personnel know the reports are read, such as changing any lights that are burned out.
Supervise. As noted in the last tip, supervision and accountability are essential elements of an effective security policy. If the personnel are employees, regularly evaluate the chain of command and its effectiveness. If working with a contract service, have a clear, written chain of command with contact numbers and supervision policies clearly stated.

Just a little extra attention will significantly improve the effectiveness of any drive-through security force.

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