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Sacramento Elite Patrol is the premier security company in the Sacramento area. As a highly professional security organization that provides complete turn-key security solutions for demanding clients who require exceptional quality and outstanding service, we provide:

– Professional Security Officers available when a full time and dedicated site presence is required.

– Mobile Security Patrols available when a full time security officer is impractical or cost prohibitive.

– Emergency Response Services available when a timely response is required at your facility.

Candidates for all unarmed security positions are selected based on their skill set, background check and their experience. The role of an unarmed security guard is to provide a presence and to facility a network of tasks that reinforce the security details of their assignment. The unarmed guards highly visible role plays an important part in crime prevention. High caliber traits include skills that analyze and appraise situations, but also include high-grade customer service skills. This is a position that serves in businesses of all sizes by effectively dealing with people efficiently but in a courteous manner. Successful candidates are highly mailable to blend with the culture and values of the companies they guard.

Those unarmed security personnel who show aptitude are further screened and then trained to be Armed security guards. Screening and training meet ISO standards and each armed personnel must recertify on an annual basis. Seen or unseen these are the people who keep you safe.

Sacramento Elite Patrol provides armed and unarmed security services in Sacramento, Citrus Heights, Fairfield, Rancho Cordova, Roseville, Suisun City, West Sacramento and Woodland.


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