Top 3 Qualities Every Security Guard Must Possess

Team Meeting 2

What are three of the most sought after traits for security personnel? A healthy attitude, First Responder skills, and Experience round out the top skill sets for well placed security professionals. Attitude: A Barrier to Performance Attitude is … [Read more...]

Everything You Need To Know About Door Security and Electronic Access Control

Door Security

Door security is a key component of the buildings overall security platform. Have you evaluated how door security can improve the exterior and internal security for your building? If not, here are a few of the many options available. Exterior Door … [Read more...]

Introducing Our New Mobile App

Sacramento Elite Patrol Mobile App

Mobile appsĀ are user-friendly, and in this case, highly productive. The Sacramento Elite PatrolĀ Mobile App is packed full of convenience and value for tenants, building management and for our patrol teams. It makes reports in real time from a … [Read more...]

Metal Theft: An Emerging Focus for Security

copper theft

There is an opportunity of which thieves are taking advantage. The depletion of natural resources has driven up the prices of what were once common metals, such as copper. The price of copper has risen over 70% in recent years. Thieves are breaking … [Read more...]

How to Prevent and Survive a Random Active Shooter Incident

active shooter incident

With the increased violence in public places sometimes leaving your home, becomes a challenge. An Active Shooter Incident (ASI) becomes more of a probability with each passing day. Public places, gatherings and events such as rallies are ideal venues … [Read more...]

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