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Sacramento, California remains one of the top 25 most violent cities in California and that includes violent crimes in residential complexes. Sacramento Elite Patrol offers residential security services that are designed to reduce or eliminate the potential of crime including violent crime, social crime, and burglary.

Violent crimes such as murder or rape and social crimes such as graffiti, vandalism, and trespassing abound where security is lax. Most property managers know that it becomes increasingly more difficult to rent to quality tenants when you have an atmosphere of criminal activity. If your building is covered in graffiti or even the cover-up patches of graffiti indicates social crimes to potential residents. That kind of atmosphere drives away good tenants leaving you with hassles and headaches.

Mobile Patrol of Apartment Complexes – This is a value packed feature that helps complexes keep good tenants, identify destructive tenants and keep rents in the appropriate zone for your building.

Our mobile patrols use world-class real time reporting technology that enables tenants to easily report problems that are instantly forwarded to on-duty guards and property managers. Data is stored, and property managers have access to data via a mobile connection that allows them to make clear and decisive decisions during lease renewal effectively allowing clients to groom their complex’s culture.

Sacramento Elite Patrol has a presence in the following cities and provides services for:

  • Sacramento Residential Security
  • West Sacramento Residential Security
  • Woodland Residential Security
  • Fairfield Residential Security
  • Suisun City Residential Security
  • Citrus Heights Residential Security
  • Rancho Cordova Residential Security
  • Roseville Residential Security

Sacramento Elite Patrol is proud to protect and serve residential clients and tenants in the greater Sacramento area.

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