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Everything You Need To Know About Door Security and Electronic Access Control

Door security is a key component of the buildings overall security platform. Have you evaluated how door security can improve the exterior and internal security for your building? If not, here are a few of the many options available.

Exterior Door Solutions

Flexible Access Doors: Allow PIN, keycard, or proximity devices access to generalized areas including front door access to buildings.
Heavy Duty Doors that meet Code Regulation such as for fire and prevent casual entry. They enable Electronic Access Control (EAC) and Lockdown.
Video Door Bells combine closed circuit TV with a doorbell that allows electronic access to be granted physically by someone monitoring the CC TV. Personal verification assures access is granted only to those who have rights of entry.

Interior Door Solutions

  • Interior doors are designed to separate your building population keeping access to restricted areas limited to those who should have access. It helps to keep general employees and building guests out of areas where they should not be.
  • Access Card or Pin Access for generalized areas of the building.
  • Smart Cards, which employ encryption that can be combined with PIN or Biometric technology so that entry is granted after a gantlet of EAC, is positively made.
  • Biometric Readers remove the possibility that a stolen card and PIN could open the door to someone who is not authorized. Biometric devices read hand geometry, fingerprints and may even require voice recognition before access is granted.
  • Wireless Locks work well when the buildings infrastructure prevents installation of wired systems. These also work well to outbuildings where electricity may not be available. They also work well for multistory buildings with entrances on more than one floor.
  • Video Door Bells also work well for high-security areas within a building, such as vault systems, high-tech areas, and for gaming facilities.

If you have problems implementing these types of security devices, the other option is to work with a company that provides high caliber security with an emphasis on door technology. Sacramento Elite Patrol is available 24/7 and 365 days per year providing your building with a multifaceted approach to indoor and outdoor security.

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