Capital Track Real Time Reporting Technology

Capital Track real time reporting technology: Put the power of NOW to work for you. Out technology suite is aimed at providing a crystal clear picture of all the events surrounding you right now. It works with mobile devices that enable guards to check in at various locations, report problems and keep information flowing.

Security Routes: With the use of QR codes, each security personnel or even employees can scan in their location, which is marked with GPS coordinates and a time stamp. This is a feature that allows you to see where people are in an instant. This value-added feature is perfect for making sure that security personnel are making rounds and visiting each segment of their route. It is also hand for businesses with larger campuses that need to monitor or locate specific people.

Real Time Problems: Capital Track real time security reporting allows guards to report events as they are discovered. This technology allows the guard to rate the event as normal or urgent and then direct the report to the appropriate person. This is a tool that works well to report graffiti, vandalism and other suspicious events.

Parking Solutions: The Capital Track security technology empowers managers with solutions to handling parking problems. These solutions include handling parking violations, allowing the public to purchase parking passes online or even to pay for parking tickets. Virtual parking permits make it easy to see who many spaces are open and which vehicles are not moving. Easily target and ticket violators with easy to find data.

Monitor Data, Reports and information
The value of the Capital Track real time reporting technology is that it puts the power of NOW into your hands. You can access the data remotely from any internet connection. You can instantly see urgent issues and make sure they are being addressed. You can track problems such as tenants that are loud or unruly. This data helps to inform you during lease renewal times or when references are needed. Being able to manage real time events in real time is a value added option that most managers want.

To discover how real time information can help make your job easier, just explore our Capital Track overview videos.


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